During the Week of Life, we seek to bring attention to the sad reality that often hides behind an abortion. We want to see more effort put into working with mothers towards solutions for both mother and child.

Abortion rarely stands on its own

Mothers sometimes undergo an abortion because of pressure or coercion from partner or relatives. Other times they see no other option than abortion because of financial problems or a broken relationship. All too often they receive no information about the help and support that is available to them during and after their pregnancy.

An unique human being starts growing

With every pregnancy a new life begins and an unique human being starts growing. At five weeks of pregnancy the heart is already beating. After eleven weeks all the organs are formed and the child only needs to grow. Abortion puts an end to all this. Young life, nipped in the bud.

Abortion in the Netherlands: a taboo subject?

Every year more than 30.000 abortions are performed in the Netherlands. Abortion is allowed until 24 weeks pregnancy. Sometimes this seems to be a taboo subject, as if people aren’t allowed to talk about it. So let’s start doing just that!

How can I help?

Support the Week of Life initiative by making a donation on or by bank transfer to NL07 RABO 0382 2947 77 to the order of Stichting Platform Zorg voor Leven.

You can also sign the petition for better help for unintentionally pregnant mothers and their unborn child (, lila block ‘Teken de petitie!’). The petition is in Dutch because it is addressed at the Dutch national parliament.

Do you need help?

Maybe you are unintentionally pregnant yourself, or struggling an abortion. The foundation ‘Er is hulp’ is able to help you with that. You can read their leaflet and contact details here.  You can also visit